Colon and Rectal Surgery Expert
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  • Objective expert medical testimony offered for plaintiffs' or defense counsel, depending on merits of case. Medical case reviews and evaluations for merit or defensibility, computer literature searches,
  • Verbal and written reports delineating pertinent standards of care, alleged and potential deviations, proximate causation, and damages - or rebuttal of allegations, depending on the respective merits of individual cases;
  • Meritless or indefensible cases will be presented as such, if that is the opinion of the expert, in order to minimize further expenditures of attorney's time and money;
  • Articulate and credible deposition and court testimony presented by experienced clinician, and teacher
  • Objective critical analysis of documents, testimony and expert reports, for both sides, and assistance in preparation of effective cross-examination strategies;
  • Expedited reviews, reports, and testimony available.
  • Fee schedule and CV upon request


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